This is the blog of Francis R. Griffiths-Keam: CEO of Running Dimensions Ltd, game development gun for hire and spatial design nut.

I am a dual citizen of Great Britain and New Zealand. Following a passionate interest in computer graphics I began using 3D modelling packages such as 3D Studio Max at the age of 9. In 2010 I graduated from AUT University with a Bachelor’s degree in Spatial Design. It was during my studies I engaged with programming languages, beginning with JavaScript, C# and later C++ and C. For the past four years, I have helped companies across the world develop cutting edge software and high quality computer games.

It is a passion of mine, to develop systems which allow elegant human-computer interaction. Being a trained designer as well as a programmer, I understand the necessary balance between form and function.

I have a personal love of games, developing and playing them, and I have years of work experience with game engines, notably Unity3D and Valve’s Source engine.

My academic interests revolve primarily around computer graphics, spatial theory, natural user interfaces, and human-computer interaction. Personal projects I have been involved in include the development of multiple performance art works which utilise real-world tracking systems and investigations into how people interact with spatialised audio sources.

Forward any queries to francis@runningdimensions.com

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